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Moving Past Results with Routines

Monday, March 15, 2021   /   by Johnnie Morine

Moving Past Results with Routines

A message to help salespeople turn the corner.


As a real estate agent or salesperson, we should look at our results whether good, bad or indifferent.


The industry is defined by results of your performance and others. Many salespeople search for something different after producing dismal numbers in their business. Different brokerage, different office, different company or different product. The rub of the story is often the amount of effort and type of effort an agent chose to engage and the absence of a winning routine.


Culture and support can make a difference
in attitudes and performance but the effort is always up to the salesperson.


Not just newly licensed agents but mid-career agents can also suffer from low or stagnated production year after year if they’re not applying a daily routine like top producers.
Routines are a set of actions that take place during a specified period, in this case, every business day. These actions should be bonafide steps known to produce successful results. They typically start with exercise, meditation, or anything that protects your immediate space from the outside world. Review your emails and texts from the prior day. Make sure your notes were properly added to your CRM and cut into your database where you track and communicate with your sphere to take actions with an end goal to set appointments that afternoon. Fruitful routines don’t have to be anymore than 3 to 6 hours a day depending on your CRM/database, marketing strategies and time management.
66 <br />It is not that we <br />have too little <br />time to do all the <br />things we need to <br />do, it is that we <br />feel the need to <br />do too many <br />things in the time <br />99 <br />we have.
Routines and consistency are the keys to moving past results in sales. Slight alterations, or adjustments, can mean the difference in sitting on the couch or traveling to your favorite destinations.
Working a database and communicating with your sphere,
which consists of family, personal friends and community
of professionals and service providers like doctors,
teachers, attorneys, storekeepers, servers,
mortgage lenders and such should be the
base source of your referral business.
With the use of social media, the sphere does not necessarily have to be local when you’re creating conversations. The study of six degrees of separation is the notion that everyone can be connected by a chain of acquaintances roughly six links long. Social media makes those connections more possible so don’t shy away from technology.