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Real Estate Mastermind

Friday, August 9, 2019   /   by Johnnie Morine

Real Estate Mastermind

Tommy Jones and Nicki Ferrell have created an amazing Real Estate Mastermind concept. It was an honor being a panelist and sharing a fraction of my lifetime in business. Sharing the stage with giant real estate companies like Keller Williams, eXp and JP & Associates, completed my thoughts that we’re recognized as a viable, alternative brokerage and The Morine Group is on the right track.

This mastermind topic was “How technology is destroying our business”. Reality, technology changes every business so we must change with the times. If your production is adversely impacted because you think technology companies are absorbing your business, you must make some adjustments.

If you were completing 15 plus transactions a year in a traditional brokerage, with a split, you should consider the new flat fee brokerages in order to net more of the money you’ve worked hard for while representing your clients. If your number of transactions decline, your net revenue could very well INCREASE with a flat fee, transactional based, brokerage!

These are things to consider when joining The Morine Group, REALTORS.  

My first business website was in 1995. YES, 1995 in which we built a hobby into an international business. Technology isn’t always a terrible thing if properly leveraged. Find the right balances and stay in front of your leads. Everyone you know is a lead until they die. Your sphere of influence is your sphere of excellence ~ the outcome is simply immeasurable.

We can talk about team concepts or creating the proper “Alliances” so you can be more effective with what you do, helping people buy and sell homes. Alliances do not have to be a group of agents. They could or should include a marketing person, an assistant, inside sales agent, transaction coordinator, lender, title representative, inspectors, insurance agents, buyer’s agent and anyone qualified to helping your processes flow smoothly. It all depends on where you are in your business to take on additional assistance.

You must have Audacity to be a successful independent contractor in real estate. You must have dedication, discipline and a level of obsessiveness. You will probably be measured as standoffish and not approachable by your peers, but you’ll be respected and admired by your clients. The revenue comes from your clients.

Johnnie Morine